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Development and Building

Development Process

The following attachment is a helpful tool for potential developers to understand the development process in the RM of Dufferin #190 and in municipalities across the Province.  It provides what a developer should expect when contemplating development work in a municipality and provides a detail of what process to take.  If you have any questions regarding the attachment please contact the municipal office.


Along with the development process information is always required about zoning and whether or not a potential development meets zoning requirements.  The following is a consolidated copy of the Municipal Planning Statement and Zoning Bylaw for the RM of Dufferin #190, along with any amendments to December 2012.  The original bylaws and all amendments thereto have been duly signed and sealed in accordance to legislative requirements.  Certified copies of the original bylaws and amending bylaws may be obtained from the municipal office.  Please note there may be an administrative fee charges for providing such copies.

Zoning map of RM of Dufferin 190

ZONING BYLAW Bylaw.No.11-2006 Consolidated 2015 (Amended August 2022)

RM 190 Development Plan.Bylaw.No.10-2006 Consolidated 2012


Schedule A for Bylaw 2021-04

Demolition Permit App. Rm 2015

Discretionary Use Application Form

Further to the Development Permit process of the RM of Dufferin #190, the municipality also has a Building Bylaw.  This bylaw provides a process to ensure building construction within the RM meets national and provincial minimum requirements.  All development within the RM is required to follow the Development Permit Application process and then the Building Permit Application process.

11-2012 Building Bylaw

Building Permit Application Form

The RM of Dufferin #190 utilizes the services of BuildTech Consulting & Inspections Inc to provide Building Permit Application form and plan reviews.  They are responsible for ensuring building construction meets legislated requirements and follow up their plan review with onsite inspections.

No development or construction may occur on any proposed development or building until a valid Development Permit and Building Permit has been issued.

Please note standard time to process Development Permit is around 4 to 6 weeks.